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Emergency Towing in Berkeley, CA by TandB Towing

Has this unpleasant occurrence ever happened to you? Driving along Berkeley during the winter, a hail storm abruptly starts, covering every inch of road with white sludgy ice, obstructing your vision. More often than not, slippery roads and lack of proper visibility are a sure way of ending up with our cars malfunctioning, crashing into the side of the road or even into other cars. Our car might even be obstructing the road and have to be removed safely and quickly.
As many of us realize, the most important thing to do after crashes and malfunctions is to remove our cars off the road as quickly as possible. Yet, a lot of times we do not have the capability of getting our vehicle away from a road, be it because of bad weather, the fact that the road is too crowded or dangerous or that our cars are completely unmovable.

The Fastest Emergency Towing

For cases of emergency towing such as this, when your car is absolutely stuck and has to be safely towed away, you need a towing service that understands the gravity of your situation, and that can absolutely guarantee a quick arrival and an even quicker car tow.
T and B towing has been providing service to the Berkeley vehicle community for many years, and we have seen an ever growing number of emergency towing scenarios. We have come to the understanding that quick and safe are the way to go and are therefore allowing our services to be provided in record times.

We provide our drivers with:

  • A guaranteed ETA of 30 minutes or less, bringing our certified experts to tow your car away from danger and ensure it does not cause any traffic problems
  • A 24/7 around the clock availability, knowing there is no time of day preferable for emergency towing
  • Advanced equipment ensuring you with a safe and accurate operation
  • On call services that are operated by our friendly and knowledgeable representatives, that are willing to assist you with any question you may have, and to guide you through the process
  • Deep familiarity with the Berkeley automotive community, service providers and roads, making sure that you are always covered
  • A great and advanced fleet of professional tow trucks

Call us now for an affordable service at (510) 833 – 7155.